"Oz helped me tremendously after my twin pregnancy. He helped with my diastasis recti and helped me to strengthen my lower back to minimize the back pain I was experiencing. He is a great trainer who will motivate you and is very accommodating in scheduling".


Ronya H. 36 New York, NY


"Oz has a true passion for helping clients, It is because of his support and partnership that I was able to bounce back after having my twins last year.  I am always impressed with his vast experience and depth of knowledge which made me feel completely secure in knowing I am pushing the right amount according to what my body can handle after a c-section. His positive and cheerful attitude and his ability to connect with his clients is a big bonus. He is extremely attentive and supportive and has been a real partner in achieving my goals. I would recommend him without the slightest hesitation!".


Gargi A. 36 New York, NY


"Oz is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and motivating trainer. I started working with him 12 weeks after I delivered my baby via c-section. I felt safe that he knew my limitations, he also discovered my diastasis recti. Oz has been fantastic helping me get my body back post-baby! “. 


Lauren B.  33  New York, NY


"After two pregnancies, one carrying twins (7lbs and 6lbs 12oz), I clearly had diastasis recti. My abdominal wall was weak and I had frequent pain in the muscles. Working with Oz, I feel so much stronger, I have less back pain, less abdominal pain and I am learning again to love my body both for what it is and what it can become. Oz is great-- he pushes without going too far, cheer-leads wonderfully, and encourages whole life changes that make a huge difference. I'm so grateful for the weekly reminder he offers of my own strength and potential! " 


Sarah L. 36 New York, NY


"4 month's postpartum I was struggling to get running again. Oz, created personalized training for me, building every session, focusing on my unique needs, and now I'm running again! His skills are very versatile that my 73-year-old mother also goes to him when she visits!" 


Sabrina, 38 New York, NY