I prepare exercise programs (weight loss, muscle development, strength training, etc.) that are easily executed in your home, fitness center, or even outdoors. I  design fitness schedules tailored towards each of my client's specifications, creating personal programs for each client following and analyzing their progress, and adapting to their needs. 










This program is designed especially for foreign clients. Staying fit while traveling can be difficult, but traveling doesn't have to be an excuse for derailing you from your goals. Why not combine the joy of exercise with your normal tourist activities.


This program allows the traveler to discover the many magical places and hidden treasures in New York City while working up a sweat. Think of this as your own personal tour guide with a twist. 






This program is designed for women beginning approximately 2 months post-pregnancy. It's not advisable for women to resume their normal exercise routines immediately after giving birth (like creating high pressure on their abs area).


 But this phase of life needs carefully chosen exercises to help the healing process. There's no need to abandon your exercise regimen, you can do safe exercises for the new era of your life...