I offer many different programs to help you attain your fitness goals. There may be a need to combine different programs to ensure maximum results. All sessions are comprehensive workouts geared toward your success.



Muscular hypertrophy is an increase in muscle mass and cross-sectional area. The increase in dimension is due to an increase in work loads that exceed the preexisting capacity of the muscle fiber. Both cardiac (heart) and skeletal muscle adapt to regular workouts. 


Muscular endurance is an important part of physical fitness. It is defined as the ability to perform many repetitions with light resistance over a given period of time. You have the ability to withstand fatigue when carrying something for an extended period of time or other extreme physical activities. Muscular endurance prevents excessive fatigue from work and other daily activities and allows better success and enjoyment in athletic and recreational endeavors.



Cardiovascular exercise increases one’s heart rate and also the body’s capacity to use oxygen. This program is beneficial for weight loss/ maintenance and stamina in your daily life. 



This program is composed of multiple regimens supported by diet. You can achieve rapid realization of your goals by creating a negative energy balance which means burning more calories than the body intakes. The aim of the program is to increase muscle tone while utilizing the body’s stored fat to expend energy.



Muscle tone has been defined as "the resistance of the muscle to passive elongation or stretching”. In other words, it is the state of muscle tension inside a muscle or muscle group when it is at rest. Normal tone means that there is the right amount of “tension” inside the muscle, and that the muscle is able to contract on command. Put simply, you can “tell” your muscle to stop and you can start and stop  without wasting energy or effort.



The abdomen, waist and buttocks comprise your core. This is the most important region of the body. Strengthening your core is a vital part of your training, which has significant impact on other parts of the body. By strengthening you can also achieve maximum results in other areas. This program serves to support you upper body, improve your postures and your center of balance.



Your lifestyle has a tremendous impact on your posture. The way we live our daily lives and the environment in which we work can be the cause of incorrect posture habits/disorders; especially people who are working long hours at a desk with insufficient movement.